2022 Conference Breakout Session Materials

Day 1 Keynote Speaker: Delise Simmons

Building a Culture of Greatness Through Daily Acts of Goodness

Session 1

1.2 10 Ways to Increase your Enrollment

1.5 Nuts and Bolts of Special Education for Administrators

1.6 Reimagining Discipline

1.7 Facility Financing Options  Through Case Studies  & Structuring Debt

Session 2

2.1 Investment and Funding Updates State Treasurer's Office

2.2 Mistakes Charter School Leaders Should Avoid

2.3 How To Build A Facility During and After A Pandemic

2.4 E-Rate: How You Can Take Advantage of the Savings

2.5 Phone A Friend - The Lawyer

2.6 MTSS-Making Magic Happen at Secondary Level

2.7 Financing Facilities for Charters in SC & How Other States Assist Charters with Facilities Costs

Session 3

3.2 Partnering With Parents Towards Continuous School Improvement

3.4 Blazer Bootcamp!

3.5 The Path to Finding Your Forever Home & Funding Options

3.6 Mental Health Warning Signs, Strategies, and Resources

3.7 PD Fresh: Vision & Mission Reset

Session 4

4.1 Facility Finance - From Startup to Stabilized

4.3 Backwards Planning for Financial Success and Greater Student Impact!

4.4 How To Build and Maintain a Strong School Brand

4.5 Round Table discussion-Trauma Informed Teaching

4.6 Love First, Lead Second: How HCA Overcame the Teacher Shortage in SC 

4.7 Tools to Create a Culture of Care

Day 1 General Session

School Safety: A Multilayered Approach For Charters

Session 5

5.1 Growing GRIT: Facilitating a Positive School Culture

5.2 Parental Involvement, a Key Component For Student Success

5.3 3 Areas of Focus to Maximize Multilingual Learner Outcomes

5.5 Facilities Financing 101

Session 6

6.1 School Safety & Security: A Layered Approach 

6.2 Hot Topics in Employment Law

6.3 Consciously Create Your Workplace Culture, Don't Just Let it Happen

6.5 What’s Design Got To Do With It? How Buildings Shape Our Learning & Why Good School Design Matters

Session 7

7.1 Scouting and Charter School Relationships: A Shared Mission

7.3 Don't Stop Believing: Don't Stop Achieving

7.5 The Six Skills of the Successful Grant Writer


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