Charter Champions


The Charter Champion movement is all about empowering families to be advocates for charter schools in South Carolina

The Alliance is dedicated to strengthening public education for SC students by supporting and advocating for high quality public charter schools. One way to do this is to engage our charter school families. We know that parents, grandparents, and guardians can be some of the best advocates for their children and the entire charter community. In an effort to recruit some dynamic Charter Champions, we would like to host a parent meeting at your school or participate in your school's open house.

Our goal is to share information on the following topics:
  • Charter School 101: What is a public charter school and what does it mean to be a charter school parent?
  • Be a Charter Champion: What is a Charter Champion and how can you become more involved in charter advocacy?
  • Tell Your Story: Understanding why telling your story is important. Families will learn how to effectively tell their school choice story tying together the great work going on at your school to the wonderful changes they see in their child.

altWe also hope to have a few of your Charter Champions be a part of a statewide team of advocates for the entire charter community in SC. This core group of Charter Champion Captains will be coached on best practices related to writing OpEds, communicating the charter message within the community, and speaking with Legislators. This group will meet periodically with Shaunette Parker (in person or virtually) and attend occasional Statehouse meetings.

For more information, or to set up the kick off to your Charter Championship meeting, please contact Shaunette Parker at [email protected] or by calling 803-319-7620.