CharterStarter Webinars

The Alliance helps guide charter starters through the "How's", "What's", and "Why's" of starting up a charter school with these FREE CharterStarter webinars. 

NOTE: To be eligible to submit a charter application by February 1, 2019, you must have submitted a Letter of Intent to a registered charter school sponsor (authorizer) by November 3, 2018.

Your Responsibilities as a Charter Committee Member webinar:

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CharterStarter Free Webinar Series





Webinar 1: CharterStarter Basics

Recorded Webinar


Dive into the charter school application process in SC and review the new application guidance.

  • Planning out  your priorities between now and February 1, 2019 (due date for the application)
  • Understanding what a high capacity charter application looks like and what a highly effective charter school is capable of
  • Identifying the needs in your community and an effective solution


Webinar 2: Marketing Your Charter School from A to Z

Recorded Webinar
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Coming Soon

Marketing your mission to new families can be difficult.  Funds are low and there is zero room for marketing that does not bring in new students.  Come enjoy this fun session and learn about some proven marketing tools that also won’t break the bank.


Webinar 3: Mission > Vision > Viability

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How to develop a mission statement with clarity and purpose.  Remember students, teachers, and community members will see, say, and hear this repeatedly…keep it engaging and motivational.

Who are you as a charter school? 

  •   A STEM school
  •   A STEAM school
  •   arts focused
  •   PBL
  •   Serving At-Risk

What pieces make you unique and innovative?

  •   year round school?
  •   single gender?
  •   blended learning?

What is your vision of the 90th day of the third year of operations?  Anyone can envision day one of year one…and usually that is far from reality. But think about what success really looks like. How is the school thriving? Are you developing a viable plan that will advance the mission of the school? 


Webinar 4: Educational Program Design and Goals and Objectives Innovation=Ideas + Implementation

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The Educational Program is the engine of the school. This is where you take the BIG ideas and explain how you are going to implement them. This should not look like a patchwork quilt of ideas, but instead a well curated collection of mission driven instructional strategies and curricular decisions based on the needs of the community you intend to serve and meeting or exceeding the SC standards.

The Goals and Objectives should measure how effective and efficient the educational program in serving the students at the school. How is it tied to the mission?

We will also cover application components and prioritize next steps in writing the narrative and documenting student interest.  




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Webinar 5: Charter Law for CharterStarters


Why do we have to elect board members? Can our school leaders be non-certified?  We will look at what the law says about enrollment, governance, funding, HR, staffing, etc…from how it impacts your charter application to what it looks like when the school is operating.

To Be Rescheduled

Webinar 6: Communications Plan


As your ideas solidify it is important to have consistent messaging   about your school. How will you use social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, grocery stores checkout lines, church BBQs)?  What should a simple website include? What website, email, physical address and phone number should we use? How do you   explain what a charter school is?

We will also cover:  How to get the most out of your time at the conference Nov 17-18th.  


Webinar 7: Give Thanks and Get Writing

Recorded webinar


How will you use what you learned at the conference to reflect and   reengineer the direction of your application?

Participants will have time to ask questions, get clarity on issues,   and refocus on next steps.








Pre-recorded Webinar 7.5



Webinar 8: Governance and Operations

Updates and reminders to get you on track for February 1st.


What is a governing board of a charter responsible for? Being excellent stewards of public funds and ensuring the purpose and intent of the charter school act is implemented   – including improving student achievement. From the philosophy of great   governance to the nuts and bolts of a productive meeting.  

How important is leadership in implementing the charter? We will   discuss the roles and responsibilities of the charter school leader (CEO, Head of School, Principal, etc…)

We will cover articles of incorporation, bylaws, elections,   transitioning from the charter committee to the board, hiring the school leader, policy and procedure development, and organizational leadership. We will explore training options for boards and leaders.


Webinar 9: Application Review

Note - Webinar 9 and 10 will be combined. 

Is your application ready? It is time to put all of the pieces together and see what you have. Participants will do a self-evaluation using the evaluation criteria in the application prior to the webinar. They will identify pain points and start to explore next steps.


Webinar 10: Culture Club – Building Capacity

Take time with your complete application over the holidays to think   about the culture and climate of the school. How will new students, families, and staff be oriented to the school? What are the beliefs and values of the school. How are those tied to the mission? What does that mean for your student discipline policy, school day schedule, and leadership structure? 

Does your application in its entirety demonstrate the capacity to   implement the plans it sets forth? What human capital is needed to do so? Add that into the application?

Over the holidays participants will reflect on their mission   statements and if it still captures the culture, values, and beliefs of the school.





Webinar 11: The Final Countdown – From Minor Tweaks to Open Heart   Surgery

  • Let’s check out your vital signs:
  • Mission Statement Aligned Throughout the Application
  • Educational Program Provides Needed Solutions and the Goals and Objectives Will Provide Information Needed to Determine if Progress Is Being Made.
  • Grade Span and Enrollment Aligned with Student Interest
  • Budget Aligned with the Narrative
  • Application and Appendix Components Complete and Aligned with the Application and Evaluation Criteria


Webinar 12:  Final FAQs and   Reminders

Last minute questions about the application from the abstract to the   technical, including interpretation of the law to how to compile the document and delete reviewer comments.

Archive from 2015 Application Process: