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Charitable Raffles are now Legal

Bring on the raffle fundraisers! The State Senate gave third reading to the Bill to ratify the Constitutional Amendment to legalize charitable raffles! It is officially an Act of the General Assembly.

South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond announced that the South Carolina legislature had ratified a constitutional amendment to allow nonprofit organizations to conduct raffles in the state of South Carolina. Nonprofit organizations will be able to conduct raffles beginning April 4, 2015.

Read full press release from South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond

Mandatory Annual Registration Form

Charitable Raffle FAQ's

More information from SC Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO)

February 2015 Update on Standards and Assessments

Dino Teppara, Director Public Information Office of the SC Department of Education provides a brief update on standards and assessments in mathematics, certification by colleges, ACT, Aspire, ACT Workkeys, and The ACT.


South Carolina Ranks #5 in NACSA Analysis of State Charter School Policies

The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) recently released their first-of-a-kind review of state laws affecting both charter schools and the entities that authorize them. On the Road to Better Accountability: An Analysis of State Charter School Policies helps parents and public officials understand the quality of their community's charter schools. It describes, state by state, how laws can be improved to promote and protect quality public charter schools.

In their findings, 25 states (out of 43) with charter school laws have fewer than half of the quality and accountability measures that NACSA recommends. South Carolina earned one of the highest rankings (#1 in its category) for state policies on charter schools and authorizers, and ranked 5th overall in the United States.

Hot Off the Press

Please enjoy reading the following press releases about charter school news around the state.

New Charter School Starters Launching Efforts Across the State, August 5, 2016

SC Dept of Education Receives $15M Charter School Start Up Grant, October 2, 2015

South Carolina Charter Schools Make Plans to Meet Student Needs in New Schools, March 20, 2015

South Carolina Ranks 10th in Nation for Charter School Law, January 27, 2015

Charter School Bill Signed by Governor Haley, June 13, 2014

Carmichael: SC Charter Schools Saving Lives, May 29, 2014.

New National Rankings Find South Carolina Charter School Laws Rank 15th in Nation, January 28, 2014

Charter Schools in South Carolina Hindered by Inadequate Facilities with High Costs, November 5, 2013

Garden City Preparatory Academy for Boys Gains Unanimous Board Approval and Makes Public Charter School History, September 26, 2013

D.P. Cooper Gains Board Approval to Become Charter School, September 13, 2013

Charter Leaders Meet with Governor Nikki Haley, September 5, 2013

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