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Brittany B. Tindal, Insurance Producer

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Robbie Nalley, Agency Principal

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CRW Insurance takes pride in being a full-service agency. There is no need to have your insurance spread over several places. We can handle it all; from the Board of Directors to the faculty, students, and even volunteers. A normal commercial insurance policy cannot meet the needs of a school. We specialize in knowing the many needs of a school, as well as having several companies capable of adequately covering those needs. Covering all the bases with affordable pricing is what we do. With today’s tough economical state, saving money is crucial. Also, in today’s tough legal environment having proper coverage is just as important. We have been able to help several schools reduce their insurance budgets while maintaining their coverage and generally increasing their coverage to meet their needs. One thing that we are often able to offer for free is online training for your faculty and staff. This is just one value-added service we provide.

The principal of our agency graduated from Laurence Manning Academy and The Citadel. After spending nine years teaching and coaching and twenty-one years in the insurance industry, he understands the unique nature of insuring private, public, and charter schools. Times have changed drastically, and we have heightened our awareness of the complexity of schools and their needs as compared to other business insurance. We will happily provide references from one of the many schools we have helped!