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David Hyun, Partner

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Red Hook Capital Partners (Red Hook) is an impact real estate investment and development firm focused on the charter school sector. Red Hook works with high-quality charter school operators in a variety of ways. Red Hook helps charter schools identify, acquire, and develop a suitable site to become a permanent home. We serve schools that make a powerful impact in their communities. We partner with high-quality schools that teach underserved students, ELL, and students of color, provide free and reduced-fee lunches, or offer unique aspects to education.

Red Hook is a special combination of finance and construction. Growing from co-founders Craig Underwood’s financial savvy and David Hyun’s deep knowledge of real estate development, Red Hook supports charter school leaders as they navigate bureaucratic red tape, construction complexity, and tight timeframes. 

Red Hook Helps!

We help charter schools design, build, and own their perfect campus.