Group Purchasing Partner

Trusted by thousands of K-12 administrators, Vector Training delivers high-quality, expert-authored online courses on essential topics such as safety, compliance, and prevention. Simplify training management with a user-friendly, automated system that helps you prepare and protect your K-12 staff and students and create a safer school environment.


As part of your school membership benefits, the Alliance has partnered with Vector Solutions to offer these ten complementary courses:

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention
  • Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting
  • Conflict Management: Managing the Angry Parent
  • Discrimination: Avoiding Discriminatory Practices
  • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
  • HIPPA Overview
  • Science Lab Safety 
  • Medication Administration Basics
  • School Violence: Identifying & Addressing
  • Sexual Harassment: Policy & Prevention

As a member, you may also access the complete Safety & Compliance Library for a reduced fee of $400. Vector Solutions also offers other online training libraries, such as Inclusive Instruction & Interventions, Diversity & Inclusion, and more, which can be added to your training system for an additional subscription. 

To register your school for these courses, please contact us.