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Mercedes Cordero, Vice-President Professional Development

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CaseNEX, LLC, a pioneering professional development organization, prepares educators and administrators for the demands they face by delivering a case-based approach to professional development and teacher training. DataCation (division of CaseNEX) offers tools to help schools break down complex student data to inform and support instruction, curriculum, accountability, and policy.

Through CaseNEX courses, educators are exposed to the latest research regarding content knowledge and instructional strategies. The convenience of an online course means that time spent commuting to class and money spent on gas are reduced. Participants collaborate with peers and receive instructor feedback from the comfort of their home. All materials and assignments are accessed and completed online. Courses are 8 weeks in length, and easy to integrate into a busy schedule. You may choose to enroll in a course for three graduate credits or Professional Development.

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The courses include multimedia cases with video of actual classrooms, students, teachers and administrators. Cases also include critical perspectives of leading education faculty from across the country, as well as student work samples and teacher lesson plans. The cases are "slices of life" that bring learning alive and form a realistic connection between professional development and the complex school environment. Case method learning encourages participants to reflect on what works, to collaborate on the design of solutions to instructional challenges, and to put theory into practice.