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Under the federal E-Rate program, schools are eligible to receive substantial rebates on their telecommunications and internet services. These services include such items as local and long distance, cell phones, internet access, wide area network, hosted VOIP, hosted email and a hosted web site. Schools are further eligible for rebates on equipment such as wiring, servers, wireless controllers, video controllers, switches and maintenance on these items. These rebates, which can be up to 90% of the cost, are determined by the schools poverty level as measured by family income level and if the student would qualify for Free and Reduced lunch. A school does not have to provide Free and Reduced lunch to be eligible to participate in the program. All schools should be able to receive funding for recurring services and the funding for equipment is allocated beginning with the poorest schools.

The New Hope Technology Foundation is a full service E-Rate consulting firm. We specialize in assisting schools in determining their reimbursement rate for technology services and equipment. We use a turnkey, alternative solution to measure program eligibility that is particularly relevant to the charter school community. We also take over the burdensome application process and ensure that all forms are filled accurately and on time, as well as managing all program questions, audits and reviews. This is all performed on a contingency basis that is based upon the successful funding amount.

In order to obtain more information on this valuable program and to gain further insight into the funding process, please contact us.