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Ryan Teixeira, Strategic Account Leader
[email protected]
Cell: 774-306-1100

As a member of the PCSASC, make certain you take advantage of the tremendous savings negotiated on behalf of many state’s charter schools through the associations. There are over 100 core items such as copy paper priced with unbelievable savings to you as well as more than 3000 items with exceptional cost savings.




Together, Staples and the Alliance have developed a program to help schools reduce costs, cut out paperwork on the office supplies you use every day. Staples National Charter School Program simplifies the way you do business and gives you the buying power of a National Program.

To register for this exciting program, please follow this link: Register Today

Information Sheet

Registration Information

With this exciting program you will receive:

  •  Group Buying Discounts on Supplies  
  •  Dedicated Account Management  
  •  Convenient Online Ordering at 
  •  Fast and Free delivery on orders over $50 
  •  New Schools/New Building Program for developing and expanding charter schools
  •  One Stop Shopping for: Furniture Design and Installation, Janitorial, Printing, Promotional, & Office Supplies  
  •  Simple and Easy Registration Process
  •  Entire office and classroom supply catalogs discounted at 20%-85% with average savings of 55%