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The Alliance would like to Thank YOU for  your dedication to education through charter schools within our state. Your membership provides your school with a network of professionals to assist in strengthening public education with resources and support.

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Your membership includes:

  • A strong and respected legislative voice in Columbia
  • Special discounts to training and to our Annual Conference
  • Access to a library of current resources for your administration, staff and board
  • Access to our job board for recruiting
  • Help and technical assistance from Alliance staff and fellow members
  • Group purchasing benefits and discounts
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Access to required training for your school through Scenario Learning, LLC (SafeSchools), such as Blood Borne Pathogens and Compliance Issues
  • Collaboration and grant opportunities for schools

Join us today! We have simplified our annual membership levels for schools:


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A Year in Review:

It has been an exciting year of charter growth, not just in the number of schools or in the number of students enrolled, but with leaders and boards expanding their skills through new Alliance trainings and the number of advocates willing to lend their voice to the charter choice!

This year there will be over 29,000 public school students attending nearly 70 public charter schools across the state. We have come a long way! And the voices advocating for public charter schools continues to grow and get louder. It has never been more important to have a united movement with a common vision if we want to truly advance the missions of our schools. There are many changes in education on the horizon and we need to work together to ensure public charter schools are considered in ESEA waivers, assessment changes, and funding.

Our partners in the business community and other education reform movements helped make charter schools a priority this past year and are already committed to working with us this coming year. This year the Alliance continues to cultivate new charter school partners as we focus on: (1) Stable growth in per pupil funding with equitable formulas for all charter schools - statewide and locally sponsored, (2) Facilities funding, and (3) Transportation.

Leading Change – Principals, Boards and Community Leaders:

Highly skilled leadership in administration and governance is critical to the success of a public charter school. The Alliance is focused on developing innovative and skilled public charter school leaders. The Alliance continues to be the leader in providing comprehensive board training and governance support. Alliance member schools benefit from discounted rates on advanced technical assistance where leadership teams work with schools on specific issues, such as strategic planning, financial management, student achievement, or board development. Alliance members have access to webinars and online "members only" resources.

Advocacy in Action:

Demonstrating accountability and increasing student achievement are the best advocacy tools for charter schools when working to create real change in Columbia and Washington, DC. In the true spirit of "lead by example," the Alliance is working with SC's public charter schools to research, demonstrate, and replicate global best practices that show real potential to advance student achievement in SC. The Alliance's public outreach initiatives through media and community events will further illustrate how public charter schools are accountable, are advancing student achievement, and are an investment in SC's financial future.

Fiduciary Commitment:

As budgets tighten, boards must allocate resources in an effective manner aligned with their mission. The Alliance offers its members savings through cooperative purchasing agreements with vendors who recognize the unique financial challenges of public charter schools. The Charter Marketplace connects business partners with school members to offer the best discounts available for charter schools. Member schools also benefit from grant funding updates and prospect research. 

School Membership Form

The Mission of the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina (PCSASC) is to advance innovation and excellence in South Carolina's public education through the development and support of public charter schools.