Where the Candidates Stand

In an effort to increase our advocacy efforts this year we, in partnership with other school choice organizations, sent out a candidate questionnaire to candidates across the state running for general assembly and school board seats in upcoming elections. 


Election & Candidate Listing

Election Date Counties Seat Party Candidate Participation
6/12/18 State Primary All State House of Representatives & Statewide Officials Republican & Democrat Filing in March  


Candidate Questions

Office sought
What do you think is the biggest challenge your community faces in terms of education?
What do you believe to be the most important thing the board can focus on to improve the educational opportunities for all students?
Describe the achievement gap in your area and what can be done to improve it.
The Education Credit for Exceptional Needs Children program serves over 2,500 special needs children in independent schools annually through scholarship tax credits and refundable tax credits. Do you support the expansion of this program to an overall tax credit cap of 25 million dollars?
Do you support the codification of The Education Credit for Exceptional Needs Children program?
Do you support state transportation funding for public charter schools and magnet schools to remove barriers for families to make that choice?
Do you support school choice?
What do you know about charter schools and their mission?